Noah and the Gremlins


Lyrics & Book by Bill Barnett
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Music by Howard Kilik
Based on the Short story,
"Working with the Little People"
by Harlan Ellison


Welcome to the home page of Noah and the Gremlins, a new Musical by Bill Barnett & Howard Kilik.

This project has two primary venues and two primary themes.

One location is the apartment of Noah Raymond, a successful young science fantasy writer with an incurable writer’s block.  The other is the keyboard of Noah’s computer, which has been visited by a friendly but colorfully cantankerous group of gremlins who plan to ghostwrite stories for Noah by leaping about on the keyboard. 

There are two overreaching themes, both of which are extremely relevant to today's difficult times. One theme explores the theory that a god/deity will not survive if his or her believers lose faith. Without stories for humans about gremlins, the humans may cease to believe in gremlins, and the gremlins may cease to exist.  If the gremlins cease to exist, there will be no gremlins to believe in humans, and the humans may cease to exist.  

The other theme is more pragmatic and focuses on the idea that your fate is up to you, and attempting to blame it all on gremlins can get you into a heap of trouble.



Copyrights to the book, music, and lyrics were obtained in 2003 and are held by William Barnett and Howard Kilik. The book is based on the short story, “ Working with the Little People” by Harlan Ellison.

All rights are reserved and performance or reproduction of any kind is prohibited.

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