music by Howard Kilik
adaptation and lyrics by
Tony Howarth
Lyrics to "I Like You Like This" by Bonnie Sanders

Filled with joy, magic and fantasy;
the Elements at the heart of the New Musical:

Dream, a Musical Romp in the Woods

are lovingly drawn from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.

In this modern day version of Dream, Puck controls everything that happens.

The book uses Shakespeare's language with modern clarity and follows the events of Shakespeare's original quite faithfully -

Demetrius is in love with Hermia, follows Lysander and Hermia into the woods, followed himself by Helena whose love for him is unrequited;

Oberon and Titania have their monumental lover's quarrel; the Mechanicals prepare their play for the Duke's wedding entertainment and Bottom is changed into an ass which becomes the object of Titania's affections.

But Puck choreographs it all, with the help of his Fairy Chorus, reveling in the mischief he is making.

The score is eclectic and catchy, and the adaptation brings this timeless story to today's audiences in a fresh and friendly way.  

If you would like to join the fun, "Dream" is appropriate for Regional, Community, College and very proficient High School Theatre Programs.
The cast of 19 (minimum) offers lots of male and female featured roles.

Dream received it's debut during the Spoleto Festival in Charleston to critical acclaim and has been performed at Westchester Community College, the Sidney and Ethel Kweskin Theater in Stamford, CT. and, at Raw Space in Manhattan.  

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all material is copyright 1985 - 2007
Tony Howarth & Howard Kilik, lyrics to "I Like You Like This" by Bonnie Sanders